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Danny Rampelli | President

To my potential client or business owner, I will always over deliver.

My guarantee is that you will not be able to find anyone else that has the SEO expertise, business sense and ability to execute like my company and I.

I offer my guarantee with confidence, because I have been able to profitaby build online companies single-handedly, and sell them successfully, while creating a successful online marketing and SEO business over the past 11 years.

I grew up as a kid learning technology and I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs so it’s in my DNA to start, build and market businesses online.

I’m hoping we are a match and are able to work together because you will experience a new level of online marketing and business development strategies that standout from the competition and eventually dominates!

I thank you in advance for the opportunity to work with you and your business.

Danny Rampelli

Danny Rampelli, is the President and Lead SEO Consultant in Boca Raton for Reputable SEO Marketing.  He started his first business at the age of 22 and sold it in 2006 after four successful years. Since 2006 he realized the future of business was the internet and started his first internet business in 2007 (within the UFC market), while successfully building up the company to sell to a competitor three years later. Since 2009 Rampelli has provided SEO marketing services and business consulting to companies and is now a proud partner in Reputable SEO Marketing. Rampelli belongs to an exclusive SEO mastermind group which is comprised of SEO’s that are responsible for teaching Rampelli how to dominate local search results with multiple first page rankings.

When Rampelli isn’t working, he enjoys boating in Florida, MMA, biking and hanging out at the beach. Rampelli loves to meet other business owners and put himself around quality conversations (personal or business) and is a firm believer in self motivation and setting goals frequently.

Need Our Credentials? See Who We’ve Helped!

Stan Navratil

Managing Member at Regional Traffic Services LLC

“Danny opened my mind to unique ways to outrank my competitors (within 2 months) using my website, Video & Press Releases (and people say PR’s are dead). I have 3 results on page 1 of Google, with my company covering 33% of the total results and I’m at the top of my search also (in a large city which is Houston)! I couldn’t be happier to push my competitors search results off page 1 of Google (after years). His SEO skills are very impressive and he explained everything that needs to be done upfront and ongoing in order to keep my rankings. Also, Danny’s outside the box thinking with keywords was impressive. His company doesn’t hold you in contracts and I now believe it’s because they know they do need to. If you want a different SEO expert that will get your company on page 1 of Google for high buyer intent keywords that convert to buyers (not expensive browsers) then I recommend you contact Danny at Reputable SEO Marketing.”


Colleen Franken

Inventor & CEO of Mattress Helper, Inc.

“I would highly recommend Danny Rampelli for his broad understanding of SEO and his meticulous analysis of data which allows me, as the business owner, a way to attract my target audience for optimum sales results. In addition to his SEO knowledge, Danny has also been a business owner so he is able to see things from my perspective which helps me tremendously.”

Mark Miller

Strategic Account Manager at Salesforce

“Danny took us from no where in the Google search to being above huge competitors in the same space. He did this in a shorter time then I expected and proved the value of SEO. He definitely over delivered on our search position. I would use him again and have!”

Devin Burke

Founder of Empowerment Wellness Solutions | Wellness Educator and Coach: Inspiring better health

“Danny is a true marketing master. He has an strong ability to see opportunities and turn those opportunities into profits. I can recommend him without reservation.”